“Already had 3 confirmed bookings for weddings”

“We had a great time at the show and we were also so pleased to see it was such a lovely venue and so well attended.

We have already had 3 confirmed bookings for weddings in 2015 from the weekend, and this is great for us considering we will take bookings for the next 12 months from the show.

I would also like to mention that we attend all of Wayne’s shows in the midlands through his company ‘perfect brides’ and these are always the most professionally organised and attended shows throughout the year- he just seems to know the best way to pull the punters in to the venue and works hard at this through his companies online PR and knowledge of the wedding industry.

Please let us know, if and when, you will be holding any more wedding shows in the future with perfect brides as we would love to attend any you may arrange.”